What Car to Buy: How to Buy an Automobile

What car to buy? What a question! In fact, it is a question that most people ask at some time or another, so here is some advice on how to buy an automobile that meets your needs. Because your needs will be different to those of another person, there is no definitive rule – just advice on the factors to consider when you are thinking of buying a car.

The same is true whether you are wondering what new car to buy or what used car suits you. Buying a new car is not a chore – in fact it can be great fun, and the more you understand about what you are doing the more fun it can be! So tip #1 – forget the glossy brochures and magazines, and first get a pen and paper to write down what you need in your car.

Sure, we would all like a fabulous Ferrari sports car, but it won’t be big enough for your family – even if you could afford it! Here are some tips on how to buy an automobile, whether you are buying a new car or a used car.

How Many People?

Your wife and child will not be impressed with your new two-seater Maserati sports – other than the fact that you can sell it for a dozen larger cars. If you need a family car then you have two fundamental factors to consider: the number of seats and the trunk space.

Trunk space is an important factor, particularly if you tend to use your car to go on family vacations. You have all seen these comedy movies where the luggage and tents are sticking out the car windows, and the trunk is hanging open. Good for a laugh, but not when you are driving! Make sure the design of your new car meets your needs and that the storage space is adequate – just like buying a new house!

What Car to Buy: Make and Model

The make and model are generally the most important decisions to make when considering what car to buy. In fact, when considering how to buy an automobile that will meet all, or at least most of your needs the make and model will come first with many people. Another is between saloon and hatchback. Which gives you most trunk space and which looks the sleekest if looks matter to you?

With Nissan for example, you can choose between the Nissan Armada Platinum at slightly below $50,000 and the Nissan Versa at just under $15,000- each is a 4-door car that is suitable for a family of four. You get what you pay for of course, so you get more car with the Armada platinum, However, both are new, and both will get four of you from A to B – only the Armada will do it in more comfort and style and will fit in more than four.

How to Buy and Automobile and Have Fun

You can have a great deal of fun when buying a car. First off you get to test drive, which gives you the opportunity to drive a car you could never afford to buy! However, you can also have fun when drawing up a short list which will enable you to narrow down your list of what car to buy.

When figuring out what car to buy, you can test drive as many as need to – and don’t be satisfied with a five-minute drive round the block. Take as long as you need to, and if your dealer complains then find another one. There are plenty car dealers seeking your business.

Running Costs are Important

Check the stated fuel consumption. You can be pretty certain that this is an absolute minimum, so don’t think you can reduce it with your careful driving. That rarely happens! Many of these consumptions are based upon careful driving at the optimum speed on level roads, with few gear changes and minimal use of the brakes. Look online and check up the forums and reviews. Check out what other people think about your choice, and how much it costs them to run.

Depreciation When Buying a New Car

When deciding what car to buy, depreciation might be a significant factor. skup samochodów poleasingowych Some models depreciate faster than others. You should check online for more information on this. Usually, the more expensive cars depreciate fastest for the first 2-3 years, and then tend to maintain their value.

Smaller cars can depreciate at the same percentage rate, but because of their lower price, the difference in cash terms is less. Apart from that, the Nissan Qashqai and models such as the Audi Q5 and Ferrari California tend to hold their price very well. The Nissan Juke is also good in that respect.


In summary, when considering what car to buy, there are several factors to take into consideration. The most important is whether or not the car meets your personal and family needs. Knowing how to buy an automobile without regretting your choice next morning is to make your list, and make sure your choice ticks the right boxes. Also, make sure when buying a new car that you give it a test ride first!


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