Urban Renewal With Outdoor Movies

The idea behind urban renewal efforts is to breathe new life into downtown areas that have seen neglect over the years, and to bring people back into these areas Dramacool.. Goals typically include drawing crowds into downtown areas, supporting local business and fostering a connection to the community and its success. Those in charge of planning events as part of redevelopment plans have been turning to outdoor movie events as a creative and effective way to help reach these goals.

In the early 90’s, city planners looking for a way to bring crowds into neglected downtown areas became intrigued with the idea of hosting outdoor movie events. Portable, inflatable movie screens and cinema equipment became available for rent, making these events practical and more affordable.

Outdoor movie events can be funded in a variety of ways. Some areas receive redevelopment grants to aid in urban renewal efforts that can be put toward movie event production costs, or local businesses might be willing to sponsor the event. Local businesses that agree to sponsor this type of event will benefit in a couple of ways; advertising as part of the sponsorship agreement will get their business name out there, and crowds that come into the area might decide to make purchases from some of the local businesses. Vendors can sell movie snacks like popcorn to bring in revenue and create a better cinema experiene.

With smart advertising, both residents of the immediate area and residents of surrounding areas will be drawn to an outdoor movie event. Young families will look forward to an evening of affordable, family friendly fun, and the older crowd will be drawn in by the nostalgic aspect of this type of an event. With the decline in the popularity and success of traditional drive-in movie theatres comes a desire to re-create the fond memories created when drive-in movies were so popular.

After a successful event, local residents will leave with a positive feeling about their community, hopefully feeling more connected to the city and its successful redevelopment. Residents of surrounding areas who attended the event might decide to come back and check out the area again, hopefully bringing sales to local businesses.

Movie screenings can be a one time event, or a series of movie nights can be put on. Summer is a great time for an outdoor movie series since the weather is usually warm, and children are typically out of school. Local residents will enjoy fun summer nights spent under the stars with friends and family, and visitors traveling during the summer months might pass by and decide to see what’s going on, bringing new business to the area.

The keys to success when hosting an event or events aimed at assisting in the redevelopment of an urban area are to attract crowds including locals and those from surrounding areas; and to create a good vibe about the area that will leave locals feeling connected to their community and draw in more business from surrounding areas. An outdoor movie or series of movie nights make a great addition to a city’s urban renewal plans.


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