Piracy has always played a pivotal role in Bollywood as well as Hollywood industry

. It causes major damage as the filmmakers expect their faithful audience to go to the theatres and watch the movie. Since, piracy is becoming a key threat, both Bollywood and Hollywood has taken up the task to fight this nuisance Bigg Boss 16 Full Episode. Bollywood and Hollywood has made a coalition which is among the Motion picture Association of America and seven Indian companies to tackle counterfeiting in one of the worlds’ largest film markets.

In India, Bollywood suffers mostly from camcorder piracy done in theatres. We all know this as “Theatre Print”. This term is often used in the Indian Bollywood market Bigg Boss 16 Full Episode. Sources say camcorder piracy contributes to 90 per cent of all pirated Dvds in the Indian market.

Even the internet law is not stringent enough to tackle with piracy over the net. Internet is one place where piracy is spreading like wildfire. Downloading pirated movies, songs, clips etc is happening every second. The Indian film industry has an affluent past of copycat productions and conventionally has had less respect for the sanctity of intellectual property than Hollywood would like. In 2008, for example, Warner Bros. unsuccessfully sued to block the release of an Indian Punjabi film called Hari Puttar – A Comedy of Terrors on the grounds that the name was too close to its Harry Potter series.

The film and TV industry shaped nearly 1. 8 million jobs and contributed $6. 2 billion to the Indian economy in 2008. In 2008, piracy cost the Indian film industry $959 million and about 571, 000 jobs. Bollywood holds a record when it comes to downloading movies. Vishal Bharadwaj’s `Kaminey’ was downloaded a record number of times (estimated at 350, 000 times) in India and abroad.

Piracy, some say is an economic problem as nothing could be done to eradicate this menace. Though, in a strong way it proves to be a major blemish to the filmmakers as it jeopardizes the movie’s ability to earn profit and make more and more money. An initiative has been undertaken by the filmmakers and lot of effort has been made to stop piracy. From newspaper print ads to television commercials, the appeal is there to stop piracy. To stop piracy even the filmmakers are coming up with Dvds and VCDs and the recently evolved Blu-ray discs, so that people can buy it and watch at their own ease, anytime anywhere. Movie industries are trying their best to come out with various mediums to distribute their movies on more than just one platform. But, the plea is that the file sharers need to come up with something or someway so that people can watch them on their mobile phones too, without the conversion of files etc. Since, mobile phones are a portable medium to watch movies. People who travel more can have the luxury of watching movies and hearing songs on their mobile phones avoiding piracy. Shahrukh Khan, who at the moment is Bollywood no. 1 actor was born on November 2, 1965 in Talwar Elderly Care New Delhi. Sharukh’s father’s is called Taj Mohammed Khan and his mother’s title is Lateef Fatima. Sharukh’s father was in transports business and his mother was a social worker and she was also a top class justice of the peace. Shahrukh Khan also has a sister, Shehnaz. Sharukh married in 1991 to Gauri Khan and now they’ve two children: Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan.

He went to school in St Columba’s School. He has got an Honours Degree in Financial aspects from Hasan Raj College Delhi. After that he went for a Masters Degree in Mass Communications at Jamia Millia Islamia College.

Sharukh started first from television serials. He acted in a couple of serials like the drama serial Fauji in which he acted in the role of Abhimanyu Rai. He also acted in the serial Circus, which revolved around the lives of circus entertainers. After the death of his parents he moved to Mumbai. This is where he acted in his first movie Deewana. Shahrukh khan was praised for his roles in the movies “Darr” and Baazigar”. In both these movies he got the role of a villain. His biggest break came with his role in the movie “Dilwale dulhania le jayenge’ HE played a romantic role in this movie opposite Kajol. This movie broke some records and set new standards for good movies in Bollywood. This was also the beginning of his superstar status. After his big success he regularly worked with big names in bollywood film industry.

Together with Juhi Chawla, Shahrukh khan also started “Dreams Limitless”, film Production Company. The first two films they produced were big box office flops. But his third movie Chalte Chalte did well at the cinemas. In 2004 Shahrukh khan produced another movie, Main hoon na. He did this under the banner of another company he owns, Chillie entertainment. Main hoon na also did well. Paheli was forwarded for an Oscar but did not win any awards. With his friend Karan Johar he did another co-production, But that film did not do well at the box office. Till now he has acted in almost 60 films.

Sharukh is one of the few people in Bollywood who doesn’t has any disputes. He always tries to keep himself away from controversies with other actors. Every actress in Bollywood wants to act in a movie with Shahrukh khan ones in their career. He is also very popular with NRI’s. He is so popular that at the moment no other actor can compare him to Shahrukh khan. Shahrukh khan seems not to be slowing down and is planning to go even further.

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