When selecting furniture for your front or back patio, you have several options to choose from. Two of the most popular choices for various climates include wicker patio furniture and cast aluminum furniture. Not only are the aesthetic properties of these two options different, but also the level of durability and potential resale value as an investment. A particularly fine example of handmade wicker furniture may retain its value or even increase in value, while a lesser grade of wicker furniture or a set of cast aluminum furniture may not appreciate in value, or it may appreciate to a lesser degree. If this is a factor that is likely to influence your decision, a furniture expert or retail consultant who deals in the buying and selling of antique furniture may be able to help you.

Wicker furniture is the result of a particular type of manufacturing process, interwoven most often from the vine of the rattan plant. The strong interlocking patterns of rattan can be painted over or covered with a gloss, giving it a nice shine. Wicker patio furniture can withstand cold and heat, dryness, dampness and humidity, and this type of furniture has been known to last upwards of fifteen years. Wicker patio furniture gets its strength and durability from the strong, interlocking woven pattern that creates a tight web of support, and its natural look helps it blend in with natural surroundings, such as those that can be found outdoors. Wicker also makes a decorative Wicker Deck Furniture statement for those looking for poolside furniture and other seating accommodations for entertaining guests during the summer months.

Cast aluminum patio furniture is durable and will not rust, and it can suit a variety of aesthetic tastes when it comes to shape and cushion design. Various cushions and backings can be made that match the culture and climate where they will be used and enjoyed. Cast aluminum will last for many years, being made from a mold into a hollow shape that can take the form of anything the manufacturer requires for his customers. Lightweight and easy to carry, cast aluminum will easily stack and can be transported from one location to another with very little hassle.

There are clear advantages to both wicker furniture and cast aluminum. The choice largely comes down to the look and feel of the furniture, the price range, and the individual tastes of the purchaser. Wicker provides a very natural look that some may regard as rustic or tropical, while cast aluminum probably affords a user the most versatility. Cushions can be changed to match the seasons or different occasions. If you’re renting furniture for a wedding party or similar event, your choice will be determined by the setting for the reception, and cost may be a factor, both for the rental and setup as well as transportation costs. Chairs that are easy to stack may be more conducive to a smooth setup before the reception and an easy cleanup afterward. Wicker and cast aluminum fit a multitude of purposes for any outdoor deck or patio.

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